Interwoven installed on the Nomadicube at Compound Yellow

Interwoven close up artist sketch
cube + yarn.png


Interwoven is a material and psychological exploration of opposing forces, tension, and parallels, the dialogue those concepts elicit, and how strength borne from adversity can be nurtured and, given time, cherished and celebrated. It is an exploration of our human need for connectedness in a time of forced separation.


The warp strands remain isolated, allowing for free motion and appear to beckon the addition of weft intersection as expected in a woven composition. As work progresses, public human discourse within the cube has inadvertently begun to mimic the installation theme, with participants offering up their stories, histories, and experiences - bringing to light the intersectionality of the human condition.


Interwoven is an invitation for fluidity, openness, and a celebration of that which makes our experiences uniquely different, and yet collectively human. It is a call to let go of self-imposed expectations and instead embrace the kind of simplicity that brings tranquility and healing.

NOMADICUBE is a participatory and collaborative project inside an open-framed 10’x10’ pink cube structure created and facilitated by Marianne Bernstein. The geometry of the cube frames space into a creative free zone; the practice inside is unpredictable, allowing for spontaneous and personal interactions. 

Marianne Bernstein is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator known for pushing boundaries of how art can be created and experienced in the social realm.

Artist's sketches