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"All of the Days in October." Is a series of miniature fiber art plates. 

Each plate is a visual representation of my physical struggles - my "not so okay" days. I have never publicly discussed my health, and in the past actually put a significant amount of effort in concealing it.

I have been on a 17 year diagnostic journey that constantly leads me to frustrating dead ends. I experience widespread pain, debilitating headaches, and fatigue so severe that I have to plan every day of my life based on how many "good hours" I can usually expect, how active I'll need to be, and how mentally or emotionally straining my to-do list looks.

This goes in waves. I have good months. I have bad months. October 2020 is shaping up to be very middle of the road.

In my most recent attempt to collect an accurate and detailed record for my doctor, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to translate what is happening in my life directly into my art practice.

I plan to take this time to reflect on the reasons why I've always felt so ashamed about something I'm not responsible for and why it has taken so long for me to say that I don't want your sympathy, or advice, or even your understanding. What I do want is to worry just a little bit less about how my problems might somehow inconvenience you. That it's ok to tell you I'm not doing so hot today.

To those of you out there who can relate, whether a lot, or a little: your struggle matters.